Complex play best-loved tracks by the Rolling Stones, Bryan Adams, Kaiser Chiefs, Beatles, Fratellis, ZZtop, Killers, Queen, Status Quo, Robert Palmer, Kings of Leon, Chuck Berry, Them, Van Morrison, Shadows, Blur, Canned Heat, Eddie Cochran ...

Complex do not use backing tracks - what you hear is us playing live 100% of the time. (The odd mistakes prove it!)

Click on any of the (mp3) song samples below and see if you agree with our claim - "The Closest Approach to the Original Sound"!

- Run to You

- Honky Tonk Women

- Brown Eyed Girl

- Chelsea Dagger

- Move It

- Sex on Fire

- No Particular Place To Go

- Let's Work Together

Hope you enjoyed those!

This is Brian - guitar player of note - or even two!  Face pulling a speciality!